Magento 2 Mastercard Payment Gateway MiGS (Magento Extensions)

MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MIGS) – Virtual Payment Client (VPC) extension develops on magento 2 for payment gateway.
After customers choose payment method on website, it will be redirected to payment gateway and make payment. After paying successfully on payment gateway, it will redirect to shop’s website and then update status for order.
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Magento 2 Marketplace (Magento Extensions)

Marketplace for Multi Vendor System

One of our customers, he want to build a big Marketplace for small and middle vendors. He realizes that there are many people want to start a new business; However, the first two problems are technical and customer source, what platform are good for selling and how to showcase their product to customers as much as possible. If they build the business system from scratch, cost and time may be uncontrollable. Hence, we decide to associate with him to complete this project.
With reference from a lot of available Multi Vendor applications in the market, we have developed a new system contains improvements and reuse the power of Magento 2.
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